My Top 10 Essential Oils and How I Use Them

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Many people have their favourite Essential Oils, and there are plenty of posts out there that people have created based on their own personal choice, or from lists of the best selling essential oils.

In the case of this post, I’ve worked on a combination of both. Many of my favourite essential oils are very popular, including Lavender, which I currently have in my diffuser whilst I’m writing this post.

Over time as you use essential oils more frequently in your daily life, you’ll no doubt create a list of your own. In the meantime, here are my favourite essential oils.


Lavender is one of the most popular essential oils available, and it’s easy to see why. Unscrew the cap of your bottle and inhale, and you’ll be blown away by this amazing fragrance. This cleansing and refreshing oil is steam distilled from the flowers and leaves of French lavender. Naturally soothing, it’s calming for your body, mind and wellbeing.


Lemon is an uplifting and fruity oil which is expressed from the rind of the fruit and has a fresh, zesty aroma. It’s toning and clarifying for your skin and also makes a great natural disinfectant for your home.

Tea Tree

Steam distilled from the leaves of the Tea Tree plant, this wonderful essential oil has all kinds stimulating and medicinal properties, whilst also being cleansing and astringent. Tea Tree is frequently used topically by applying it to blemishes, and is often used in all kinds of skincare products, from face scrubs to moisturisers.


Peppermint is a cooling and refreshing essential oil which stimulates the mind and refreshes the body. A crisp, minty fragrance which reminds me of spearmint, those with a love of the outdoors will enjoy vaporising this essential oil in a diffuser.


A relaxing essential oil which is both balancing for the skin and calming for the emotions. Frequently used in fragrances and perfumes, Bergamot essential oil is produced from the rind of the bergamot orange fruit, which gives this oil it’s zesty fragrance and properties.

Black Pepper

Warming and spicy, Black Pepper Essential Oil is ever growing in popularity. Frequently used for easing muscular aches and to boost the body’s defences, Black Pepper can be used in a burner or diffuser, in a carrier oil for massages, or in a bath by adding 5-8 drops to a carrier oil or full-fat milk.


Warming and stimulating, this oil is distilled from the claw and the bud of the clove. With naturally cleansing properties, it’s especially effective if you want to fragrance or disinfect your home. Clove is also a good choice if you need to clear your head and nose by adding a few drops to a steaming bowl of water and placing a towel over your head.


Eucalyptus is a cooling and refreshing essential oil, which is distilled from eucalyptus leaves. Stimulating for the senses, it helps to decongest your sinuses and relieve a stuffy heady.


Steam distilled from the leaves of the Rosemary herb, this best selling essential oil has an enriching aroma which helps to focus the mind, making it useful for when you really need to concentrate. Additionally, it may also help to boost your circulation and ease muscular aches when combined with a therapeutic massage.


Frankincense, one of the most popular essential oils, has many notable uses and benefits. This powerful essential oil is known for its ability to rejuvenate the skin when applied topically, and with it’s powerful and satisfying aroma it’s easy to see why Frankincense is a popular choice in the diffuser.

Do you have any essential oils which you think should feature on my Top 10 Essential Oils list? Drop me a line and I’ll be happy to talk further!

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